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Irina Kuzmina

Portrait, Wedding and Fashion photographer

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My recommendations


I am often asked to recommend either video, florist, make up artist or any other specialist. Below I list several people and companies, whose work I really appreciate. I should say this is just my opinion, so please review carefully and make your own choice.


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POMPIDOO Stylish Camera Bags

I worship POMPIDOO brand! Can female photographer be wishing more if functionality and style are made especially for her? It does not make a difference if you are a professional photographer, or just an amateur – you will like this convenience and stylish accessory as much as I do.

Take a look:



Video Vivid Cafe




I had a pleasure working with VividCafe and can highly recommend them if you need video for your wedding or commercial.

Aleksey Bergmanis, Michael Marygin

Phone: +371 26 59 20 84, +371 29 81 65 70






Video Mihail Safronov

Pleased to recommend Mihail Safronov, who makes positive and sincere videos. The main activities - wedding video, commercial promotion movies and videography of important moment and events of your life as travel, celebrations, parties.

Phone: +371 27 00 48 00